Dr. med. Barbara Steyrer-Fauth
Ganzheitliches Medical Coaching und Ayurvedamedizin

Ayurveda Healing Art – General Information


Ayurveda – the science of life – is traditional Indian medicine that has been successfully practiced for several thousand years in India. Formerly forbidden during British colonial rule, it is today a part of India’s everyday life and known far beyond that country’s borders as a philosophy, life style and healing system.

The contribution that Ayurveda makes to the preservation of health in general, but also to the recovery in case of chronic diseases, has only in the last couple of years received greater attention in the Western world. Not only can general states of exhaustion, burnout and insomnia be very well treated with Ayurveda, great results can also be achieved when it comes to rheumatism, diabetes and lipometabolic disorders.

Especially in cases of women specific complaints, for example menstruation and menopause, and in case of an unfulfilled wish for a child, Ayurveda can be applied with great effect. In these cases the alleviation of physical symptoms or achieving the best possible physical constitution combined with the finding one’s individual center and a spiritual feeling of security that Ayurveda aspires to, is very helpful for the patient.

That too is a reason why more and more patients decide to benefit from the enormous potential of this effective healing system. In doing so, many of them experience for the first time that a doctor’s attention is given not only to the body, but also to the mind, soul, surroundings and living conditions.

Most important for ayurvedic medicine is therefore a detailed questioning and observation of the patient which is rarely found in western medicine.