Dr. med. Barbara Steyrer-Fauth
Ganzheitliches Medical Coaching und Ayurvedamedizin



Ayurveda is traditional Indian medicine and means the “science of life”. It is an alternative system of medicine, which combines our attitude or philosophy about life with tools and techniques that foster connections with the environment, with the recognition that we live in a system of interdependent life cycles. Ayurveda therefore focuses on the whole human being.

In the initial consultation with new patients, in order to assess the entire health situation I  combine elements of conventional medicine with Ayurvedic medicine and other holistic aspects. Therefore, I assess the patient’s personal life situation, nutritional habits and value system, and perform an ayurvedic pulse diagnosis. Moreover, the initial consultation may include guidance on diet and lifestyle, as well as the drawing-up of a therapy plan.

Initial consultation: 170€

Check-up appointments: 70€ per 30 min. (charged per time unit)

Manual therapies and Ayurvedic cleansing treatments I don´t provide myself anymore but in cooperation with E5 Ayurveda and Yogacenter, 1010 Vienna (please find their address on links)