Dr. med. Barbara Steyrer-Fauth
Ganzheitliches Medical Coaching und Ayurvedamedizin

Welcome to my website!

 This is my medicine: I combine ancient knowledge with modern science and my intuition. The whole package I wrap with a lot of humour.

I first discovered Ayurveda in 2003 and in the past several years I have found it not only to be an effective healing system, but also a holistic philosophy of life that I myself live. In Ayurveda philosophy, the health of the entire human being, body and soul, is the core concern.

Due to the holistic approach, Ayurveda can offer a wide spectrum of healing for everyday health problems, and with respect to chronic diseases, great success can also be achieved.

It is very important to me to provide my patients, alongside with the effective ancient healing power of Ayurveda, the safety net that is modern medicine. My knowledge of both disciplines allows me to search for new ways to help you. Also I find myself more and more to widen my perspective towards all kind of different approaches, which I think could be useful for my patients.