Dr. med. Barbara Steyrer-Fauth
Ganzheitliches Medical Coaching und Ayurvedamedizin




Dr. Steyrer-Fauth combines competence in the field of conventional medicine with knowledge of the Ayurveda healing art and she therefore knows the potential as well as limitations of both approaches. As a fellow doctor of conventional medicine I appreciate her comprehensive view. As a patient I have been impressed by her empathy, cordiality and passion that goes along with her work. E. R.

I feel totally comfortable and in good hands with Dr. Steyrer-Fauth. Not only does she apply her professional knowledge individually, but she also addresses me and my concerns with genuine interest. Bettina S.

I decided on Ayurveda because it captures and treats the whole human being. Moreover, not only symptoms but causes are cured. Claudia G.

Dr. Steyrer-Fauth responds with empathy to the respective situation. She lives “Ayurveda” with enthusiasm which is clearly noticeable and “contagious”. It is actually so easy to live in a balanced and healthy way. Christine B.

Ayurveda guides you in an empathetic way to provide your body with what is good for it. P. J.